Harmony happens when you work on inner you and your home reflects that inner work. It's called FLOW. 

Personal & Executive Coaching 

Buy, Sell, Rent , Lease Real Estate 

Building Community

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Personal & Executive Coaching

Increase what makes you happy. Learn to savor those moments, stop reacting in life and start living,  intentionally.

Wellness Real Estate

Whether you are buying  anew home or selling one before buying, let your home reflect what you want your day to be when you wake up in the morning. 

Giving the world your all, but what are you giving yourself?
Shift your mindset, protect your peace. Your breakthrough is in your peace. 


Billion Women In The World


Single Female Heads of Households can't afford to buy, 2021


The number of years i've been working with women


Change starts with one woman at a time

I believe in having a strong work ethic and contributing to the greater good.

A portion of our sales in real estate goes to various foundations, including Woman Exhale, which helps women flourish so they can become self-sufficient and invest in having a home of their own. 

What I live by 

Living life fully 

You only have one life to live!

Holding space for my clients 

It's all about you. 

Helping you buy your dream home 

Your health and  well-being depend on it!

Creating community because no one should have to do life alone!

It's time

Shout It From the Rooftops

“Working with Noelle put me and my family at ease. She understood our needs and helped us find our home. I would highly recommend her”

The professionalism exceeded my expectations. The care and attention detail is ingrained because that’s something you just can’t teach. Thank you! We will be referring you over and over again.

— Ava B

“Noelle has this nurturing spirit that you don’t come across in many people.”

— Tessilya P.

“Noelle Flores was determined to find me a house. She was extremely patient with me.”

I am very picky. Noelle went above and beyond for me to get this house. I was decline with my first lender and within the same day she found me a different lender. Within 3 days we had accomplished what the previous lender had done in 3 weeks. I definitely recommend Noelle Flores

— Gloria V.

REady to make  moves?

There's no time like the present. “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” ― Søren Kierkegaard

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If you need a little motivation and ready to discover your palate for life, come join me. It's time to Enhance, Inspire, and Elevate personally, professionally, and at home. 

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